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Flipkiss - A Game about Love

The idea was to create a small but different kind of matching game.

Cuteness, a lovely story and an innovative matching game design.

Executive Producer & Game Designer

Year: 2015 - Present



With a team of five I invented a small but cute matching game. This post is a quick overview of the project with some visual impressions. The game will be launched in Q4 of 2017.


Our team was composed of:

Initial Idea & First Designs

The idea started in 2014 while I was having a shower and looking at the tiles in the bathroom.


“If I would turn one tile I could match two that have a similair mark and make them disappear… The match is a kiss… I flipped the tile… the game will be called Flipkiss!”

That’s pretty much what happened in my head. I immediately grabbed some Post-Its and Sharpies and created the first paper prototype.

PrototypeFlipkiss Paper Prototype

It looked like I was onto something. So I went straight to Sketch and came up with a first design.

First DesignsEarly Designs for Flipkiss

The Journey

The idea and the designs were just the start for a journey that turned out to be longer than I thought it would be. Here are only some of the challenges that this project had to face:

Here is a short video that shows the progress of the game:

From early sketches to game design to end result

Visual Impressions

Here’s an overview and a couple of visual impressions of how the game looks like now.


Presents Screen

Presents Screen

A video showing the current state

Launch in Q2 2018

We’re planing to launch the game in Q2 2018. After that I will make a longer post about the whole process.