DIVA • Design & Management • 16 min read

The E-Commerce Voice Assistant

Building DIVA, a Siri-like assistant for e-commerce with a team of remote engineers and computer scientists. Read →

DIVA • Storytelling • 6 min read

Creating a Vision & Telling a Story

This is how story telling was used to unite the team on one vision and goal. Read →

DIVA • Interaction Design • 4 min read

Learning Bit by Bit

Teaching the user different voice interaction commands with little non-interrupting visual-nuggets. Read →

DIVA • Design & Management • 4 min read

“Team, We Are Faster than Siri!”

Speed is crucial for voice interfaces. This is how we improved our speed by 350%. Read →

Sideproject • Game Design • 3 min read

Flipkiss - A Game about Love

Some visual pre-launch impressions on the small and super cute matching game that I'm working on as a side project. Read →

nexum AG • UX Design • 7 min read

Being a Midwife for an Interface Pattern Library

How to design an interface pattern library for a B2B software environment of a retail company. Read →

nexum AG • UX Research • 5 min read

Usability Test it Baby

Improving a cinema tickets booking flow with an interactive prototype tested by over 30 participants. Read →